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Raw honey and Sweet Deliveries

Our family keeps bees and we have extra honey. Want some?

Our honey is raw (we don’t heat or pasteurized it) and only lightly strained to remove most of the beeswax and bee parts. This means it is chock-full of the goodness nature has to offer you, including pollen, propolis, enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidents. People tell us it’s the best honey they’ve ever tasted. We don’t take credit for this (the bees, wild flowers, fruit blossoms and prairie crops have something to do with it) but are happy to share the harvest with you!

Scroll down for prices and to order a unique doorstep-delivery for someone special…

Honey For Sale!

Raw creamed honey

Small glass jar (500 grams)

Plastic container (1 kilo) – $12

Large glass jar (1 kilo)

3 kilo plastic containers – $32

3 kilo containers

*These are “farm-gate” prices; honey must be picked up at our house.

Comb honey

A gourmet way to enjoy honey in its most natural, gushiest form! Honeycomb is a delicacy, requiring a little more time and investment from both the beekeeper and the bees. The elegance of the comb and the unique texture and taste of the honey in the beeswax make this an exciting culinary experience. Beeswax is edible and honeycomb is full of pollen, enzymes, microbial cultures, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Serve honeycomb on fresh bread, charcuterie boards, over hot cereal and anything else you can imagine! Cost is $25 per honeycomb package. (5.5 x 7.5 x 1 inch)

Liquid Honey in Bulk (unavailable until next season!)

Bring your own containers and fill your jars with liquid honey fresh off the hive. $10/kilo. Available only during harvest season. Contact us if you want us to notify you when these sales are on.

Creamed Honey Order Form

*We have liquid honey in bulk/jars right after we harvest. Contact us to find out if there is some available.

Sweet Deliveries

Show you care with the taste of flowers

If you know someone who might appreciate a special gift at their doorstep or workplace, why not consider sending a jar of local honey? Because flowers are nice but you can’t spread them on toast. Click on the button below for more information and to place an order.

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About us

We live in Yorkton, SK and keep a few hives outside the city. Our whole family helps out with extraction, painting hive boxes and checking on the bees but Stan is the main beekeeper. (We sell our honey to finance his hobby!) In any case, we’re happy you’ve found us and look forward to filling your honey pot!

-Stan and Tricia Reed and daughters

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